We are so pleased you found us. Hopefully, you’ve arrived here because you were the recipient of an act of kindness and subsequently you became the “giver” of such an act!

Kindness Card Project

For Julia’s birthday this year (2018), we wanted to honor her life by doing acts of kindness in her name. That project grew into encouraging others to do acts of kindness in their loved ones names as well. From what we know, though the cards originated in California, they have reached Hawaii, Florida, Malaysia and beyond. It’s a sweet way to seek healing for a grieving heart – indeed, many religious texts will guide you to do acts of service for another when you are struggling or facing obstacles, grief or despair. It’s such a beautiful way to recognize that we are wired to be good to one another and it is when we take care of each other that our hearts are most content.

PLEASE share an act of kindness you received or offered to another person. Feel free to also share about the person in whose name you offered your act of kindness. We would be honored to learn more about your beloved deceased

About Julia

We started this project in honor of Julia Valle (February 21, 1975- October 19, 2016).

Mrs. Julia Valle of Fremont, CA, devoted wife, mom extraordinaire, loving daughter, sister, cousin, friend and faithful servant to God, passed surrounded by her family on October 19, 2016 after a three-year battle with chronic myeloid leukemia.

She is survived by her husband, Oscar Valle, her children, Alejandra, Adanael and Alexia, her parents, Rosa & Gustavo Castro, her siblings, Julio C., Frances, Cesar, Claudia, and Julio R.

Julia worked at Fremont Christian Pre-School for 13 years as a teacher, interim Director and finally as Assistant Director. She graduated from Cal State University East Bay with a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development in 2013 while working full-time both outside the home and as a very involved mother.  She served as Team Mom year after year; she documented every moment of her children’s lives with thousands of pictures; Disneyland was indeed one of her happiest places on Earth; she loved sunsets and the beach- often coupling those together especially with her husband of 20 years. Everything and anything she did, Julia did it with the most radiant, unforgettable smile.  Best known for her compassionate heart, thank you cards, strong work ethic and deep devotion to children, she was the epitome of kind.

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PLEASE share an act of kindness you received or offered to another person. Feel free to also share about the person in whose name you offered your act of kindness. We would be honored to learn more about your beloved deceased.

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